Protection Benefits

Annuities: Guaranteed* Income For Retirement

When planning for retirement, finding the right risk/reward balance is likely one of your main priorities. If this is the case, a fixed indexed annuity, or FIA, may be an option to consider. An FIA can provide you with a source of guaranteed* income for retirement.

Key Benefits of FIAs

An FIA may be able to provide you with guaranteed* income for retirement. Additionally, an FIA is an insurance product, which means it applies to different tax rules than traditional retirement accounts. The interest on the value of your FIA is not taxed as you earn it. You only pay taxes on the money when you take it out of the annuity. Additionally, an annuity is safer than many other retirement options out there. It does not depend directly on the stock market, and will not lose value in the event of a stock market decline. And, an FIA may be useful for leaving behind a legacy.

grandparents with their grandchildren at the park guaranteed income for retirement

Legacy Benefits

FIAs offer a few additional benefits beyond your lifetime. When you pass away, the value of your annuity is paid to your beneficiary or beneficiaries. They may receive the money in the form of fixed payments, or as one lump sum. Additionally, the money goes directly to beneficiaries, without going through probate court first.

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FIAs offer a number of protection benefits, and may serve as an important part of your financial retirement strategy. Interested in learning more?

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