Reasonable Rate of Return**

Earning a Reasonable Rate of Return?**

Many retirees hope to earn a reasonable rate of return** on their savings. However, at the same time, they want to protect their money. Rest assured, there are strategies to get both of these benefits. It may be possible to learn ways to see a reasonable rate of return, over time, depending on your situation. Let us show you how this is done.

Achieving A Good

Rate of Return** in Retirement

Successfully planning for retirement means finding financial stability. Safety and interest growth must be balanced. Some people may think you can only keep your money safe by keeping it in an FDIC-insured account or a CD. However, neither of those options offer very appealing interest rates. Additionally, the interest rate you earn on these accounts will be taxed. So, your net return on them may be even lower.

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Fortunately, there are alternative options for earning reasonable rates of return** on your money without compromising safety of principal. In fact, we offer products that can do just that. Think one of these products might be the right option for you? Reach out to us for more info.

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Fixed Indexed Annuities

Fixed indexed annuities (or FIAs) are an example of a product that may be able to get you reasonable rates of return** on your money. FIAs do not invest directly in the stock market. Instead, the issuing insurance company tracks potential earnings based on an external index, such as the S&P 500. You will gain interest based on a number of crediting methods, once the index rises to a certain point.

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Risk/Reward Balance

As we’ve mentioned, you should find a good balance of risk and reward. Some strategies may provide you with sufficient rates of return, but come with high risk. Others may have more safety inherent, but disappointingly low rates of return. Neither of these options is ideal. You need to find a good balance between them. And an FIA may be able to provide this balance.**

We Can Find the Right Strategy For You

No single retirement strategy is perfect for everyone. They aren’t “one size fits all.” Each individual person is different, and so it’s no surprise that each individual financial situation is different. We can help you find a strategy suited to your specific needs and goals. And, this includes helping you find a reasonable rate of return.**

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