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Dotson Financial helps clients achieve their retirement goals and meet their financial needs. We offer clear and direct solutions tailored specially to you, to make planning for retirement as convenient as possible.

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Throughout the year, Dotson Financial holds informational seminar events, that come with a complimentary gourmet meal. At these events, which come at no cost to attend, we’ll discuss several topics that are relevant when planning for retirement. These include stock market conditions, taxes, other forces that could impact your retirement, and ways you can keep your principal protected while earning reasonable rates of return.**

Our Three Core Principles

Our three core principles are as follows: Safety first, reasonable rates of return,** and keep things simple. If these values align with yours, reach out to us!

Reasonable Rate of Return**
Keep it Simple
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Many people, during their working years, have a higher risk tolerance. During a market downturn, for example, you know that even if you lose money, you will eventually make it back. However, as you get older, you don’t have time on your side. This is why finding a less risky account is so crucial when planning for retirement. And, rest assured, there are financial vehicles that can keep your money safe, depending upon your situation and circumstances.

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Reasonable Rate of Return**

Is it possible to keep your money safe and still earn reasonable rates of return?** With the right strategy, yes, you can get both of these benefits. A reasonable rate of return** on your savings may be able to ensure you don’t run out of money late into your retirement.

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Keep It Simple

On top of safety and reasonable rates of return,** we think that your retirement strategy should be kept simple and easy to understand: You should know how the accounts holding your money work, what fees they come with, what potential risks they come with, etc. Planning for retirement does not have to be complex. We believe some of the best strategies are simple ones.

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